Robota 蘿蔔塔


驕傲、成熟、愛生氣、穿著華 麗。做任何事情總是充滿驕傲 ,對於太平凡的事物總是忽略 ,只對價值連城的東西才能吸 引他的目光。

帕皮 (Poppy)

歐文 (OWEN)

高高壯壯、帶點孩子氣、非 常靈敏、具正義感及諸多的 勇敢。 充滿正義、好戰、對任何事 情總有滿滿的鬥志、永不放 棄,在機器人世界裡,沒有 他打不贏的敵人。

聰明幹練、帶眼鏡、美艷型、 令人畏懼、對任何事情奮戰到 底、意猶未盡、不輕易放棄。 在任何場合總是氣勢凌人,做 任何事情皆是井然有序,於朋 友圈中是領導者的角色,是個 非常聰明的女強人。


阿黛拉 (ADELA)


蘿蔔塔(Robota) 是4個機器人的組合,頭號角色是活潑熱情的紅色機器人是帕皮(Poppy),動作非常迅速,一看到有興趣的事就停不下來,要做完才善罷干休。富有正義感的藍色機器人叫羅伯(Robert),熱心助人,願望就是幫大家把煩惱一掃而空。具有領導風格的銀色機器人阿黛拉(Adela),外表有鋼鐵般的身軀及冷酷的表情,但也有一顆溫暖的心。驕傲愛生氣的金黃色金器人歐文(Owen),有時會因為小事生氣,但有時表現蠻不在意的表情,令人猜不透。四個不同個性的機器人,就像你我周遭的人們一樣,有著色彩鮮豔的外表,堅硬無比,也有著豐富的內在,多采多姿。4個機器人湊在一起,看著目前世界上發生的事情,總會有不同想法。




The group consists of four robots. The red robot, Poppy, is the leading character. She’s full of energy and passion. She always acts quickly. Whenever she spots something she’s interested in, she doesn’t stop until she's done with her work. Robert is the blue robot. He has a strong sense of justice and enjoys helping others; he just wants to help clear the troubles on other people's minds. Adela, the silver robot, is a born leader. Her expression is as cold as steel, but within her hard steel case lays a warm heart. The golden robot, Owen, is proud and has quite a temper. Sometimes he sulks over trivial matters, but other times he acts like he doesn’t care. He’s a hard book to read. The four robots have their own distinct personalities and are pretty much similar to the people around us. Their bright and brilliant appearance seems impenetrable, but at the same time, they are all rich on the inside; each of them has a lot to offer. When the four of them get together and watch all the events taking place on Earth, they always hold different views.


「ロボット」は4つのロボットの集合体です。メインキャラクターは、明るく情熱的な赤いロボット、「ポッピー」。 動きがとても早く、面白いことを見つけたら気が済むまで止めません。